Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

IS kennzeichnet christliche Haeuser - FB-Eintrag von Pater Gavriel Naddaf

Ich moechte euch einen facebook-eintrag von Father Gavriel Naddaf kopieren.
Der IS scheint Haeuser markiert zu haben, in denen Christen wohnen, und droht in den letzten Tagen per Flugblaetter damit, falls die Christen nicht Jerusalem verlassen bis zum 18. Juli (Ende des Rammadan) wuerden sie wie Schafe geschlachtet.
All das habe ich persoenlich in den Nachrichten bei uns nicht gehoert, ausser Jerusalempost, die ueber die Flyer berichtet, und Ulrich Sahm in seinem Artikel.
Die Geschichte mit den Haus-markierungen habe ich nur ueber Facebook. Es irritiert mich etwas, dass so wenig darueber berichtet wird, aber vielleicht ist es ja auch eine Strategie.
Ich mache mir grosse Sorgen um die Christen, und um alle Menschen hier im Land und um uns herum. Denn heute Christen, morgen Muslime und uebermorgen Juden, wie es den Bestien gerade in den Kram passt und worauf ihr perverses Gehirn Lust und Laune hat, zu morden.
Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir sie schuetzen koennen und nicht ein Ueberraschungsangriff stattfindet.
Following last week's threatening leaflet by "ISIS Palestine" that was warning Christians to leave the city by the end of the Ramadan month or otherwise they will be killed, now the intimidation continues by "Islamic State" writing on the actual houses of Christians in Jerusalem.
ISIS has been making claims and threats towards Jerusalem since November last year and unfortunately, many Palestinians have embraced this ideology and its goal to "liberate Jerusalem" at any cost. The continuous incitement for violence towards Jewish people and the recent attacks, ambushes, stabbings and drive-by shootings by Palestinians, is the result.
The leaflet itself was targeting Christians in Jerusalem, naming specific neighborhoods, warning that they will be "murdered like sheep" at the end of the Ramadan month if they do not leave. The leaflet goes on to ask Muslims to report the houses of Christians in order "to completely cleanse the Islamic neighborhoods of these Christians during the Holy Month of Ramadan". However, we will not allow these threats to intimidate us. We stand united, knowing that our 2000 years history in Jerusalem will not be wiped away. We want the world to know that Israel is the only state in the Middle East where Christians are not persecuted and we stand united with our Jewish brothers

Ein weiterer Fb-Eintrag von Father Gabriel Naddaf berichtet ueber einen Vorfall im Mar Saba-Kloster.

The international media have been keeping quiet about the persecution of Christians within the Palestinian areas, but we want to bring to the world's attention a very disturbing incident that took place at the Mar Sabba monastery near Bethlehem yesterday. The Greek Orthodox convent is located in Beith Sakhour, a town near Bethlehem, which used to be predominately Christian. For the last two years, the land that belongs to the monastery has been intruded by illegal construction and the Palestinian Authority has done nothing to stop them, despite numerous complaints by the Abbot.
Unfortunately, it is a common practice for many Christians to have their land taken away from them within the Palestinian areas. However, yesterday, the incitement reached a new level, when a group of seven Muslim Salafi men broke into the convent and began threatening and harassing the monks. This is the first time that we witness this level of bullying and audacity within a property belonging to the Orthodox Church itself.
The continuous persecution has now driven the majority of the Christian population out of the area. We are drawing attention to this, because the men who carried out the attack have promised to come back and the recurring question is how long will the Christians, who the majority of them call themselves Palestinians, live in such fear and who will protect them?
(Photo taken by an employee of the monastery during the incident)

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